SI jpipnt PainSi Joint Pain

Ready for a shocking statistic? 85% of U.S. adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. 30% of those adults have their pain rooted in the SI joint. Translate those figures to the current adult population, and that means that approximately 64 million U.S. adults either have had or will have SI joint pain at some point in their lives.

The SI joint (you have two of them) is located between the sacrum (lower end of your vertebral column) and ilium (upper part of your pelvis). Essentially, it’s the point where your spine and your pelvis attach. Your SI joints are extremely strong and have very little motion. Over time, the joint facets can become irritated, resulting in painful sensations. Or, if you have a hyper-mobile SI joint (as a result of hormones, trauma, or other factors), your SI joint can irritate surrounding nerves, causing the sensation of pain.

SI joint pain is often described as a shooting sensation that runs from the buttocks through the back of one or both legs. SI joint pain can also appear in the groin area, hip, and lower back. If you have an issue with your SI joint, it’s possible that you can find basic motions like getting up from a chair or standing on one leg to be painful and difficult.