SI joint ExercisesSI Joint Exercises

If you’re experiencing mild to severe SI joint pain, it’s crucial that you learn to help yourself through proper exercise and stretching techniques. While SI joint medications can be effective ways of dealing with the pain, you should only approach medication, surgery, and other more drastic measures after you’ve exhausted your options in exercising. If you aren’t currently exercising, be sure to make time in your daily routine to do the following SI joint exercises:

There are three primary SI Joint exercises that back pain expert’s use in identifying the presence of sacroilitis: Patrick’s Test (also known as the Faber test), Gaenslen’s Test, and Yeoman’s Test. In each of these three tests, the patient lies upon the examination table while the physician flexes and extends various joints in the pelvic region. If the test is “positive” (i.e. the patient experiences pain), then pain is determined to be in one (or both) of the SI joints.