SI Joint TreatmentSI Joint Treatment

Understanding your SI Joint pain and which SI Joint treatment best suits you can be very beneficial to your recovery.

The SI joint is a synovial joint that’s received far too little attention in the last few decades. Located between the sacrum (a triangular bone of fused vertebrae at the base of the spine) and the ilia (the broad “winged” upper parts of the pelvis), SI joints are incredibly strong and powerful. Your two SI joints relieve your spine and pelvis of a lot of the load-bearing responsibilities they carry day-in and day-out.

It may seem odd that two joints as important as the SI joints would be overlooked, but the truth is, a lot of medical doctors didn’t even think to check on them as a source of lower back pain. However, a study from David Polly, M.D. and the University of Minnesota reveals that 25% of patients with lower back pain have one or both of their SI joints to thank for the pain.